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Automation of Bollards barriers

Best security with Automatic Bollards

The ABS Techsys range of automatic rising bollards are ideal used where utmost safety and efficiency is required to restrict mainly vehicle entries.

The Bollards can be used in almost any conditions, indoor and outdoor surroundings, as an instance, high-security zones of government & military areas, corporate home, resort, markets, squares places, amusement events, sports centers, shopping centers, trade fair pavilions, seminar halls. Our automatic bollards are lowered entirely beneath the street surface to allow traffic to pass, or raised to block traffic. Rising bollards are utilized to secure sensitive areas from assault.

Bollards automatic retractable bollards are intended for repetitive cycles and are best for high-speed traffic management like parking lots, access control gates, industrial construction entrances, or military bases. These bollards can function with many existing access control methods and therefore are made entirely from stainless steel to prevent corrosion from harsh weather environments

Models And Technical Specifications


These are alloy cylinder, with ultra-high resistance to weather and impact.

Housing & the Raised Construction are available in M.S /S.S

It’s housed within a compartment in the road parking and discourages traffic and parking

Can be activated or disabled automatically by orders executed by authorized persons or by pre-set time-based automatic commands

Total periphery protection for entry/ exit control points

Made from stainless steel or powder-coated steel

Colors — Stainless steel, black & yellow

Impact resistance depends on the choice of the type of bollard

Application in parking lots, private driveway, industrial driveways, pedestrian area, etc..

Various operating accessories accessible as remote control, push button, magnetic loop detectors etc..

An indicative attachment like LED lighting over bollards can be indicated for easy visibility

Unobtrusive appearance

Flexibility to interface will provide all kinds of access control

Program in Research Centers, Embassies, and Police headquarters, Military bases, etc…

Best Automation Product For Industrial and residential use

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