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Automation of Industrial Doors

Best shutter motors for industrial doors



If you are looking to automate your routine or sectional garage door, then search no further than the BENINCÀ ZED, JIM, and KEN versions. The motors that contain as part of the ZED range for tilt-up doors comprise encoders and are offered in 230 V AC or 24 V DC models. The JIM and KEN versions, on the other hand, are ideal for sectional doors. The choice of the energy-saving ESA system may also be chosen for the belt-driven versions.




We have also developed a vast selection of high-performance and quality automation systems for industrial doors.


We have several BS7036 certified engineers to ensure automatic doors are installed and maintained according to legislation.  The ABS Techsys Company will provide your garage doors, gates, awnings, and parking and security systems look and work wonderfully.


Residential and commercial

We have many major corporate clients and are a registered contractor for the ABS Techsys, doing works for many government departments. Our clients include Heritage Homes, where we installed over 100 hardwood electronic garage doors for the apartment complex – the most significant single order in India for such entries! We are also responsible for the automatic glass sliding doors.

We also carry an extensive stock of spares to keep your doors and gates in top condition.

We provide a full range of automatic and manual gates, security window shutters, automatic sliding glass doors, industrial doors, operating gear and intercom and access control systems.

The several kinds of garage doors which exist can easily be automated by FAAC.

The distinct automatic systems for garage doors have been made to meet all security and energy saving requirements. Automation systems for leaning doorways or sectional garage doors for residential, industrial and/or condo usage.

Best Automation Product For Industrial and residential use

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