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CCTV & Access Management System

Powerful security feature of CCTV and access management system provided by Abs Techsys


  • Cost Effective
  •  Value Engineering
  •  Material Complaince

What we do

  • Automation Of Gates
  • Industrial Automation
  • Retail Secutrity
  • CCTV And Access management
  • Vehicle management System
  • Fire Alarms

Used in various location for secure Environment

We have gathered together a number of the main advantages of working with a CCTV system may have at your workplace and residency.

A CCTV (closed-circuit television) program permits the usage of videos to track the exterior and interior of a house, transmitting the signal to a track or pair of monitors.

Increasingly more people are shifting on the advantages of CCTV security systems. In the UK it’s currently estimated that there are more cameras per individual than any other nation on the planet.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe encouraged using CCTV, stating that cameras must be installed by businesses and homeowners to help detectives solve crimes.

  • 1/3” SONY CCD
  • Resolution Available from 420 to 580 TVL
  • On Screen Display Menu

Auto Day and Night

  • 1/4” Sony CCD
  • 22 & 30x Optical zoom
  • Stylish & Dynamic Design

High Resolution 420 TVL

  • 1/3” Sony CCD
  • 8 IR-LEDS
  • Microphone Built-in

High Resolution 480 TVL

  • 1/3” AV Tech CCD
  • Resolution Available from 420 to 580 TVL
  • 14 to 42 IR LED Units
  • 10 to 50 Mtr IR range

Varifocal Lens (3.5 to 22mm)

  • 1/4″ Image Sensor & 1/3” SONY CCD
  • Resolution Available from 420 to 580 TVL
  • SD card slot
  • Auto Day and Night
  • 1/4” SONY CCD
  • Resolution Available from 420 to 580 TVL
  • MPEG 4 Compression
  • Night Vision Zooming
  • 1/4” SONY CCD
  • Resolution
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Construction
  • Fully water and weather proof enclosure
  • from 420 to 580 TVL
  • MPEG 4 Compression
  • Night Vision Zooming

ABS Techsys provides maintenance services for any security device as well as CCTV repairs. If you require assistance, please contact us here.

The technology is simple to comprehend, easy to use, and cost effective to keep. Do not wait until the worst occurs. Thinking ahead today will save a great deal of stress and money in the long term.


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