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Crash barrier and Road Blocker

Best services of Crash Barrier & Road blocker


Electromechanical / / Hydraulics Drive Mechanisms with internal locking feature circuit controller for Automobile Off in totally raised & lowered position with limit switches and manual operation in the event of Power failure.

Traffic obstacles (sometimes called crash obstacles or Armco barriers) keep vehicles within their roadway and stop vehicles from colliding with dangerous obstacles such as boulders, walls, buildings or big storm drains. Traffic barriers can also be installed at the street side to prevent errant vehicles by traversing steep (non-recoverable) slopes or entering heavy water. Traffic barriers are set up inside medians of divided highways to prevent errant vehicles from penetrating the opposing carriageway of visitors and also help to reduce head-on collisions. A few of these barriers, designed to be struck from either side, are known as median barriers. Crash barriers may also be used to protect vulnerable areas like college lawns, pedestrian zones or gas tanks from errant vehicles.


Blocking Height                                110 cm

Blocking Beam Dimensions          75mm X 75 mm

Opening-Closing                               8 Sec

Duty Cycle                                           100 percent


Effective Road Blockers


Electromechanical / / Hydraulics Drive Mechanisms of street blocker consist of suitable dimensions reversible motor, Oil Filled and sealed mix gear drive unit with internal locking feature circuit controller for Auto Off in fully raised & lowered place with limit switches and manual Operation in case of Power failure. PCB Electronic Circuit to automatically switch off engine in case of fault.



Blocking Height above street level           600mm (minimal)

Thickness of this structural Component 12mm (minimum)

Steel Construction to be capable to withstand K4/K8 or K12

Static impact heaps of heavy vehicles    

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