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Automation of Fire Detection and Alarm

Best Fire alarm and Detection system in Industry

A fire alarm program has numerous devices who works together to discover and warn individuals through visual and sound appliance when fire, smoke, carbon dioxide or other crises are found. These alerts may be actuated automatically from smoke sensors, and heat sensors or might also be triggered via manual fire alarm activation devices like manual call points or pull channels. Alerts can be motorized bells or wall socket sounders or horns.


Rather than reporting alerts by general zones or location, Johnson Controls Intelligent Fire Alarm Controllers (IFC) can zero in on every apparatus and identify its particular place and standing, saving time and confusion in an emergency. As your business needs change, the modular design of the controls enables you to network extra Fire Alarm Control panels add new apparatus as the facility grows. This flexibility means considerable cost savings on your investment. Johnson Controls delivers intelligent addressable systems that range from small single alert panel systems to successfully finish, networkable options for large-scale software.

Quality Fire Alarm And detection Equipments

Different Type of Fire Alarm and detection we provide

The IFV-1000 is a flame security product that incorporates your electronic video analytics program with your present Video surveillance infrastructure. This standalone, secondary tracking method can detect and confirm fires on your facilities sooner than traditional fire and fire sensors and systems. It is excellent for any business that has significant assets, big distances, or distant sites where early warning smoke and fire detection are crucial.

The IFI is a single point of management for your fire and life safety systems. This integrated facility tracking system links your IFC show fire alarm program to other 3rd party programs. From one workstation, your center supervisor can see and manage diverse systems from various manufacturers using an intuitive graphical user interface.

Intelligent Fire Annunciator (IFA-1000).

The IFA 1000 is an interactive video display system which enables firefighters and other emergency responders to rapidly and accurately access possibly life-saving data from a construction lobby. Developed using input from senior-level specialist firefighters, the IFA 1000 interface is intuitive to use and requires no specific training.

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