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Securing The Retail Industry Of Metro Cities

Best in Class RF / Am Tags

When it comes to securing business with electronic article surveillance, two notable technologies manage the roost – ABS Techsys Provide some of the best of RF and AM Tags. Both have been extensively used for years and are certified procedures to overcome retail shrink.

Both systems involve communication between an antenna (that’s usually positioned close to a door or overhead) and safety tags affixed to items. In brief, the antenna sends out a sign, the tags, or tag answers back.

The vital difference between RF and AM comes to the frequency at which the systems operate, which can be measured in Hertz.

ABS Techsys is the largest distributor of RF and AM tags in Delhi NCR. We provide all range of these two tags as per your demand.

RF / AM Tags to Secure the retail Industry Products

RF Tags:

RF labels and tags vary from a wide assortment of small ultra-thin adhesive tags into a variety of hard tickets. They are acceptable for a plethora of programs, including clothes, food, and pharmaceutical products.


Labels are deactivated using a tag deactivator at the Point of Sale to overload the integrated capacitor to break the tag’s circuit efficiently.

 Hard tags are eliminated at the point of sale generally by using a robust magnetic protection tag detacher.


  • Affordability: Price can vary from meager price for more basic RF systems to high costs for innovative RF systems.
  • Available as flat paper tags
  • Wide range of label shapes, sizes, and presentation
  • Labels can be printed on
  • Potential for an upgrade path to RFID using a few RF antenna systems
  • Easy high-speed security tag deactivation including potential integration with POS scanners
  • Accessible from a number of manufacturers


RF EAS is frequently appropriate for retailers with high volumes of packaged products. This implies they are most popular with supermarkets, discount stores, chemists, and video stores. With a variety of label sizes and the potential for several RF pedestals to upgrade to RFID, RF has noticed the recent expansion in apparel stores.

AM hard tags:

AM hard tags and labels can also be offered in a selection of sizes. AM Labels are more than RF labels but aren’t paper-thin and have a raised profile. AM tags and tags are deactivated using a magnetic deactivator, while tags are removed using a magnetic security tag detacher.

 Benefits of AM tags?

  • More significant detection area, therefore, antennas can be put farther apart
  • Less susceptible to electronic interference
  • Systems may be concealed indoor structures or beneath the flooring
  • Security labels can be reused and reactivated
  • Precise detection of tags and stickers


AM EAS is often found in large department stores, clothing stores, and hardware shops. It’s also employed by retailers selling goods with metallic and foil packaging or components.

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