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Automation of Turnstile Gate

We’ve installed Turnstiles in numerous areas.

In a business/revenue perspective, turnstiles provide a precise, verifiable count of presence. From a safety perspective, they direct patrons to input single-file, so safety employees have a very clear perspective of every patron. This allows safety to effectively isolate possible problem or to confiscate any illegal materials. On the other hand, physical obstacles become a critical security problem when a speedy evacuation is required, necessitating emergency exits which skip any turnstiles.

We have been implementing our internationally reliable turnstiles right here in Ohio and sending them to specialist sports and entertainment places, manufacturing centers, universities, military websites and embassies throughout the world.

Not only are our products designed for simple setup and constructed for years of dependable service.

Turnstile Security

Turnstiles do what a gate or door cannot, provide directional control of each passage and limit access to one person per activation. A turnstile does not sleep, take breaks, play favorites or require a paycheck, it simply provides a secure, unmanned point of entry that significantly increases facility security.


​ Clear Polycarbonate Side Panel
 Welded Arm Construction
 Key Override Controls
 Roto Bearing Covers
 Easy Assembly
 Simple Integration and Activation
 Card Reader Integration
 Red/Green/Yellow Status Lights
Remote Lock w/Open/Closed Lights
 Battery Backup
 Padded Arm/Heel Guards
 Roto Bearing Covers
 Optical Rotation Detection
 Turnstile Test Buttons

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