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Tyre Killers For security

Best Tyre Killers for security use

TYRE KILLER (Spike & Axle Barrier)

ABS Techsys supply Automatic Hump kind Spike tyre killers. These tyre killer are all made to limit and prevent forceful entrances of vehicles in defense installations, resorts, electricity sector installations along with other security-sensitive websites. Every Spike Road Block unit includes all the maintenance-free electromechanical drive system and microprocessor-based Automatic. Tyre killer capable of having an input from many different devices like push-button, remote management, optical ray detectors and magnetic card readers etc. For extra security and protection, Spike Road Block may be interlocked with ABS Techsys Automatic Barrier to operate in harmony with one activation apparatus and controller panel. Therefore, Spikes will go down as soon as the barrier remains open and develop whenever the barrier is closed.



Electronically operated Spike Barrier (Flat /hump Type Spike) of 3/4/5/6 yards)

Drive Mechanisms of Spike consist of suitable dimensions reversible motor; Oil Filled and sealed composite equipment drive unit with internal locking attribute circuit control for Automobile Off in totally raised & lowered place with limit switches and guide Operation in the event of Power failure.

PCB Electronic Circuit to automatically turn off the motor in case of any fault.



 Available in 1/3/4/5/6 meters

 Interlocking with Boom Barrier

 Power Supply of 230V,50HZ

 Drive Mechanism Of Spikes Barrier Consists of Suitable size Motor & Hydraulic Pump Oil Field and Sealed Composite Gear Drive unit, with Hydraulic cylinder load capacity 50Bar with Internal locking feature circuit controller with Auto off in fully raised & fully lower position with limit switches and manual operation in case of power failure.

 PCB Electronic circuit to automatically switch off motor in case of any fault.

 Opening and Closing Time of Spikes in ≥ 3 seconds.

 Duty Cycle 100%

 Height of Spikes above Block 120mm

 Spikes Dimension 25mm round/hex X150mm

 Center Distance between Spikes 100mm

 Steel Structure capable to withstand 10-25 Ton Vehicle Load.

 Steel structure available in Hump Type or Flat Type.

 Remote Control.


Tyre killer at affordable Price

Electrically operated Tyre Killer of 3/4/5/meters.

Hydraulic/Electromechanical Drive Mechanisms consist of convenient size reversible motor, Oil Filled, and sealed composite equipment drive unit with inner locking attribute circuit controller for Auto-Off in totally raised & lowered place with limit switches and guide Operation in the event of Power collapse.

PCB Electronic Circuit to automatically kill the engine in case of a fault.


Blocking Height at 60° position:  450 mm minimum

Spike to Spike space:  150 mm (max)

Opening-Closing:  2 Sec

Steel Structure to be capable to Prevent:  25/10 Ton Vehicle Load

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